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Mompiche travel

Mompiche – 7 Things You Need To Know Before Going

Our first stop along "La Ruta del Sol", Ecuador's own highway 1, is the quiet fishing village of Mompiche. Normally, when you hear the word fishing town in a guidebook, it's usually not that relaxed fishing village you thought it would be once...

Top Things To Do In Salento

Salento is a beautiful colourful town located in the Quindio department, called "father Salento", because it is the oldest town in Quindio. This department belongs to the Colombian coffee region, the famous "eje cafetero" which is...

cali to quito bus

Cali To Quito By Bus (2018) – How We Did It

Getting from Cali to Quito by bus in 2018 can be a real time consuming headache, having in mind the situation in Venezuela and the thousands of people crossing the border each day.

However, there are definitely ways to save many hours by...