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Hello everybody!

      We are Anton (from Sweden) and Pilar (from Spain). We are not a common couple. We met a few years ago, while travelling on a spanish island called Tenerife. We are really different, but we have a shared passion, and that is as the name of this blog suggests, to travel the world.

      At the beginning it was a bit hard, we lived in different countries, we had different lives, not only that, we had different concepts of the world. For Anton travelling was natural, it was an essential part of his personality and he had been travelling to a lot of countries before we met, mostly for surfing.

      I (Pilar) had other obligations to take care of before I could even start to think about travelling. I had to finish the university. During my whole life I had been dreaming of travelling the world, but I didn’t know how it would be possible. How would I make this dream a reality? Where would I get the money to do so? What about university? These were some of the questions that I thought about before Anton opened my eyes to the possibility of living my dream and to do what he was doing.


About two months ago, after a lot of hard work in Sweden we were finally able to begin our adventure, starting in Costa Rica with the plan of going to Peru. I am in love with travelling after having done it for two months now, neither me or Anton have any plans of stopping any time soon.

Whether you are an experienced wander-luster or a less experienced traveller or if you simply love travelling like we do, we want to tell you everything about our experience travelling together to help you setting off on your own unique adventure and to get the most out of your time travelling. Because of this we want to share with you our advice, plans, experiences and other bites of goodness to help you along the way.


We are really happy to share this with you, thank you for taking part of our adventure.

/Anton and Pilar 

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